Bonded Bead & Attic Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

It is a safe and simple way to make your home more comfortable. It is straightforward to install, causes little disruption and can be done in a day. You'll feel the benefits immediately - you will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer - a perfect way to make your home more comfortable.

The good news is that cavity wall insulation is quick, clean and relatively inexpensive and it could save you 35% on your fuel bills.

Why Insulate?

On average, 25% of heat in your home escapes through the walls.

Up to 25% of heat is lost through an uninsulated loft

Between 10% - 15% of heat escapes through gaps around doors and windows


What Are The Benifits?

The benefits of insulating your home are well proven.

It will reduce your annual fuel bills.

Your home will feel warmer and more comfortable.

It will help your home to heat up more quickly.

It will help the environment by using less fuel and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide.

Existing Homes And Buildings

In existing houses, with unfilled cavity walls, the system is totally safe to use on brick walls, rendered walls and even in areas which experience driving rain.  Newly built houses are much more susceptible to dampness than existing (Cured) walls but in spite of this an ever growing number of builders are changing to bonded bead.  8 out of every 10 builders in Northern Ireland use bonded bead, For up to 18 years in some cases.


Advantages Builders Recognise In The System

The material only arrives on site the day it is to be injected so no storage is required.

Cutting and shaping boards and batts are eliminated and of course the wastage that this entails.

6% - 10% saving in bricklayers time and costs.

The bead reachesall parts of the cavity down to the point where the DPC exits at the window heads.  This eliminates large gaps in the insulation (usually 50cm) above windows and doors when insulation boards is built in.

No site supervision is necessary.

Since insulating peaks is optional a further 10% - 15% saving can be made if there is no living accomadation behind the gable peaks.

The system of installation does not involve creating a density on site so smaller and much fewer holes are required compared with the other systems available.

After 20 years of use throughout the U.K. the B.B.A state: "No failure of any bonded bead system has ever been reported to the board."

In N.I the N.H.B.C has never had a claim (dampness) involving bonded beads.

This Is The Procedure Of Cavity Wall Insulation